Tuesday, October 19, 2010


     You wouldn't have known me a year ago. I knew you though. We were in the same schools for seven whole years. Seven. You never noticed my existence. I take that back actually. Back in sixth grade, you and your friends laughed at me as I tried to walk down the stairs carrying eight thick binders. I fell and broke my arm. I was in a cast for three months.   
     It's not like you were the only one who ignored me. No one noticed me. I was invisible. Not really invisible, unnoticed. If someone looked in my direction they would see me. It's just no one ever did. And I mean no one. I don't even think the teachers really noticed me. Not really. I mean they called on me and stuff but they never really noticed me. No one did. I'm one of those people that no matter how many times you see me, you'll always forget my name.    
       Today, something strange happened though. You noticed me when I opened the door for you. You've never noticed me before. You even smiled. I've never been smiled at before. It was weird. Like someone......I don't know. Wow. You noticed me. You did. You made me visible.

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  1. Dear everyone,

    This is sort of a short story/monologue I wrote. I found much interest in this character and plan on making a series of his story/monologues.

    Thank you