Tuesday, November 2, 2010


     I watch a seagull try to get a clam out of it's shell. It hasn't noticed me yet. It squawks furiously as another seagull comes to take it's prize. I smile as I watch them fight over  it. They both seem to think that they, themselves, are three times bigger than the other. By this time others have joined the fight over the clam. Now there's at least ten seagulls out there, or maybe even twenty, or even more than that. A gigantic sea of grays and whites, all screaming their heads off. I try to keep in my laughter, so as not to scare them away, but I just can't help myself. I burst with laughter and the seagulls take off, all scattering in different directions. It's like I through a stone into a pond and they're the droplets of water splashing all about.
     They each fly to a different perch, and fight to protect it. The weaker seagulls don't win in any fights, but they still keep trying. As I watch the seagulls, I see a lot in common with them and man. Everything's a contest. Someone has to always be the best. And like the seagulls we usually want that “someone” to be ourselves. Some of us, no matter what the odds, will do what ever it takes to be on top of the heap.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Group

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     You wouldn't have known me a year ago. I knew you though. We were in the same schools for seven whole years. Seven. You never noticed my existence. I take that back actually. Back in sixth grade, you and your friends laughed at me as I tried to walk down the stairs carrying eight thick binders. I fell and broke my arm. I was in a cast for three months.   
     It's not like you were the only one who ignored me. No one noticed me. I was invisible. Not really invisible, unnoticed. If someone looked in my direction they would see me. It's just no one ever did. And I mean no one. I don't even think the teachers really noticed me. Not really. I mean they called on me and stuff but they never really noticed me. No one did. I'm one of those people that no matter how many times you see me, you'll always forget my name.    
       Today, something strange happened though. You noticed me when I opened the door for you. You've never noticed me before. You even smiled. I've never been smiled at before. It was weird. Like someone......I don't know. Wow. You noticed me. You did. You made me visible.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Trick o' Treat"

       They say the house was haunted. Johny didn't believe in ghosts and neither did I. It was my little sister I was worried about. She had said she wanted to go every house with us and this was the last one. I was pretty  impressed with her, going to every house without complaining.
     "Come on."Johny called as he started up the gravel pathway. My sister's hand grasped on tight to mine. I could feel her cold sweat on her palm. It made her hand sticky. Or maybe that was my sweat.
     Once we got to the house my sister started to shiver, and Johny started to question my bravery.
    "You scared Tucker?" he asked me.
    "No." I replied not sure if I had just lied. Johny took my sisters hand from mine and pushed me up the porch  steps and onto the doormat. I looked down at my feet. The doormat had "WELCOME" written on it in capital letters.
   "Knock." Johny commanded. Even though I hated the idea I did just that. My sister ran back down the gravel pathway. She couldn't take it anymore. Neither could I.
    I raced after her, my heart beating a thousand times a minute. As we ran home I heard Johny yell something but I couldn't make it out. I didn't look back though, just kept running.
   After that I never saw Johny again. He didn't come to school anymore, the other kids told rumors about him but I knew the real reason. Nothing was ever the same after that.


Hello everyone in that big wide world. I'm new here and would like to tell you all about my blog.On this blog I will post my short storys that I have written.

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